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We are product thinkers who love building disruptive digital products to Transform Service

We are smart technology innovators. We believe smart technology enablement allows people to lead a better life with intelligence.

In our connected world, we will be able to experience a truly smart world which integrates systems and create new values and opportunities.

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Leading companies trust us to develop Smart Technologies to Rock the World

Our team have years of experience from various industries such as Service Innovation, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Mobile Technology, FinTech, AI Advanced Manufacturing, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Retail, Marketing and Business Development.

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“We have worked our whole lifetime. We work day after day, not to finish things, but to make the future better...because we will spend the rest of our lives here in our home. We will expect our home to be smart enough to look after us and our needs during our retirement.”
Marcus Libel
Smart Home Owner, Dallas