Retail Sector + Ecommerce​ Internet Business Transformation Package


Retail Sector + Ecommerce Business Transformation Package includes the following:

  • Transformation solutions design proposal deck
  • 2-3 strategies on business/revenue model
  • Transformation Roadmap Business Planning
  • Business Advisory/ Consultation
  • User Case Studies
  • Information Architecture Improvement
  • User Interface Improvement
  • Project Management 1, 2, 3 phases design solution proposal deck
  • Business Advisory/ Consultation


This is a PHASE ONE Business Advisory & Consultation Stage Package on Transformational Business Strategic Planning


Subsequently, there will be a follow-up execution in PHASE TWO:
• Development 1st Stage – Customized Solution or Minimum Variable Product
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TYPE 1 TRACK: Infrastructure & Processes Model on Software Development or Integration (Stage 1)
TYPE 2 TRACK: Non-digital Business Infrastructure & Processes Reshaping (Stage 1)


• Development 2nd Stage – Customized Solution Enhancement (Submit for another Separate Quote)

TYPE 1 Track: Infrastructure & Processes Model on Software Development or Integration (Stage 2)
TYPE 2 Track: Non-digital Business Infrastructure & Processes Reshaping (Stage 2)

1000 in stock (can be backordered)



Driving Your Business Transformation with our Expertise.

It’s time to pivot your business model.
During these turbulent times, your business has had to navigate through uncharted waters.
Pivoting business models for long-term resilience and growth is the only hope for survival.
It’s a daunting experience if you don’t know how.
Engage our expertise to guide you through the whole transformation journey.


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